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Novice 34 Practice

It’s been a while since Abbey and I took to the school to practice a test, but with a competition in just 2 days I thought we’d better do some.

Lately we’ve been focused on building Abbey’s strength and suppleness, particularly in her trot work. Looking back at the video, I can see it is paying off. She’s much more uphill and there’s more cadence.

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Progression: from then to now

I often film my schooling sessions with Abbey, mainly to see how we’re progressing, what I am doing right and wrong and if what I feel is what you see.

Here’s our latest session:

There are plenty of things I feel I could be doing better and am I looking forward to my lesson next week.  What struck me the most is how far we’ve come in three years.

This video was taken in winter 2014, when I first sat on Abbey:

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