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Abbey knows how to bend to the left…

…it’s just a shame I don’t!  For a while now I’ve been struggling with inside bend on the left rein and quite frankly I’ve been more or less ignoring it.

A little while ago (after a particularly bad schooling session where I tried to wrestle Abbey into left bend!) I decided enough was enough.  So Abbey’s been having regular treatments (with Lisa Bartley) and so have I (with Jess Shemmans).  I am also getting fitter (HIIT pilates and running) and we’ve started having lessons with a lady called Leonie Alldrick, who is an Equipilates Affiliated Instructor and Biomechanics Coach.

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Center lines, prelim 13 & equi-pilates

I’ve not long returned home from a fascinating equi-pilates session. It was the second session in a series of three and the insights were brilliant.

Last week’s session was an assessment.  Leonie (the instructor) asked me to do some very simple movements and assessed my range of movement and how developed various muscles are. I was given some exercises to do four times a day….

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Holidays, Olympia, Physios and EquiPilates

Since my last post it’s, quite frankly, all gone to pot!

I’m not too ashamed to say that the cold dark nights have dampened my enthusiasm to ride of an evening. I’ve been struggling for motivation for a month or two and our training has become a little sporadic.

As a result Abbey’s fitness has gradually decreased and then last week I caught a cold. So  I have declared us on holiday! I think it will do us good.

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