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Abbey’s sound and we’re back in action!

We never got to the bottom of Abbey’s lameness back in January. The heat in her front foot, became heat that came and went in both which lead me to wonder whether it was laminitis.

Nothing about treating Abbey as having laminitis would have done her harm. She was overweight, a weightloss programme was overdue anyway.

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Feeding Abbey’s ulcers – chaffs

Abbey and I are now well into her second treatment for ulcers and she’s doing really well. Her symptoms all disappeared within a week of starting the omeprazole and sucralfate, she’s back in work and we’re starting to go out and about.

However, she’s still on the vet’s recommended diet of (hay and grass) alfa-a and linseed oil.  This is very calorific in comparison with her diet prior to the ulcers (hay, grass, handful of Thunderbrooks Herbal Chaff and a general mineral supplement). Predictably, she’s gaining weight and fast.

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