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Why I choose an equine podiatrist (rather than a farrier)

I first learnt about about barefoot when my first horse, Harley was diagnosed with multiple issues in his feet (navicular).

Extensive research into his issues had brought up Rockley Farm – a rehabilitation centre that has successfully helped horses with similar issues return to sound, useful lives.

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Abbey’s hooves 😍

It’s not just me and her trimmer that adore Abbey’s hooves.

Barefoot is beautiful

I’ve never written much about my choice of hoof care for Abbey but it is something I am passionate about.

Abbey is barefoot and will stay that way for as long as she is with me. Why? Because I firmly believe that it is healthier for her; without shoes she’ll be less prone to injuries and there will be less wear and tear on her joints, ligaments, tendons and bones.

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