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First impressions of the Equilab app

I’ve had the Equilab app for just over a week and used it a couple of times to track our rides. I’d like to use it to see how Abbey’s fitness is improving over the coming season. Previously I have used Map My Run…which did the job….kinda.

Equilab logo
The Equilab app is available to download for free from your app store.

The first time that I’d used a new app we had a rather exciting hack round the ‘big block’ as it is known on the yard.

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First attempt at half pass

Lessons with Sam Twyman are continuing to go well and on Tuesday we attempted half pass for the first time!

Sam has had me flexing Abbey a lot, to build suppleness and encourage her to lift her withers.

We’ve also introduced outside flexion – in the stretch work and when we’re working in a more developed frame.

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Training…the next step

As Abbey has learnt to relax and now approached questions quietly and without fighting or rushing our RI says we can take the next steps….collection.

We’re aiming to start competing at Novice next year and collection is how we’re going to teach Abbey to use her back end more. The plan is then to use this new-found power to ‘push us’ into our medium trot.

She explained that if we were to try to get a medium trot without collecting first, we’d end up running, something we’ve only just taught Abbey not to do!

The exercises we’re using are:

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