A page in recognition of the effort, expertise and knowledge of those that contribute to Abbey’s health and happiness. Just as important, this is a huge thank you those that help, support and encourage me on my journey with Abbey.

Riding Instructors:

Gemma –  has known Abbey and I since the beginning. She’s a mine of knowledge and an incredible confidence giver with seemingly never ending patience. I love Gemma’s jumping lessons.  She’s got the knack of questioning and challenging us without pushing us outside of our comfort zone. Every lesson I dismount with a sense of achievement.


Sam Twyman – an awesome teacher that draws from decades of experience to develop our flatwork. Since starting lessons with Sam, Abbey is stronger, more supple and is learning to move with that ‘wow’ factor I’ve only seen in the field when she’s in season! Sam’s a pro in biomechanics. My position and effectiveness as a rider has improved no-end under Sam’s watchful eye.

Capture 2

Equine Podiatrist:

Jenny Parsons is a great member of the team. I’ve never met anyone so passionate about hooves as Jen, and now, I wouldn’t have anyone else looking after Abbey’s tootsies. Her approach to hoof care is holistic, believing that hoof health comes from within so a visit from Wild at Hoof often involves discussions on nutrition and exercise.



608 Equine and Farm Vets keep Abbey healthy and happy. From her annual injections to allergic reactions to fly bites, they are always at the end of the phone. I love Sarah’s practical and realistic advice. She’s great stable manners too…Abbey certainly like her polo mints, always sweetens any veterinary visit.


Helen Wallace occasionally treats Abbey if she’s particularly sore or tight. A professional physiotherapist, Helen is a great source of information and support.

Meersbrook Equine Therapy treat Abbey with regular equine sports massages ensuring that Abbey’s muscles are relaxed and ready to work.

Yard Owners and Liveries:

I am so fortunate to have found a home where the yard owners are as dedicated to Abbey’s care as I am.

We’ve good friends there too. It’s a place where help and advice is always on hand, if you want it. We’ve carriage drivers, western riders, dressagers and all rounders. Between us there’s decades (maybe even centuries 😉 ) of experience and knowledge. I love the impromptu chats, cakes and cuppas. Sometimes it feels like a second family. Which in way, I suppose they are…probably spend as much of my free time at the yard as I do at home!

Family and Friends

Last but certainly not least, I couldn’t keep and compete Abbey without the support and understanding of my family and friends.

My family have supported my weird obsession with these four legged fluffies since I was little. My parents and the ickle sister (who’s not only the bestest ickle sister in the whole wide world, but is also the MOST supportive family member) have accepted pony-time without question, despite the fact it frequently interrupts family meals, Christmas and countless other events. They’ve attended cold, wet shows and supported me when I’ve been disappointed (understatement!) in our performance.  Oh, and poo picked.

My OH – the one who’s undoubtedly suffered the most from my daft addiction. For years he’s (sometimes begrudgingly) accepted my absence for most weekday evenings and weekends, listened to my frustrations, celebrated my successes, filmed my attempts at competitions and even joined me to pick up poo. I can’t thank him enough. I wouldn’t be doing what I love without his love, encouragement and support.