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What a difference a saddle makes!

Since getting Abbey I’ve had a relatively cheap saddle that’s done the job while she’s been developing and maturing.  She’s 7 now and after a 16 months of consistent work her muscles are developing well; the time has come to invest in a good one.

I’ve looked at quite a few and really liked the Ideal Impala but a friend, who’s also got a Connie, discovered AH (Andrea Hicks) saddles. She was really struggling to something that would fit her 4 year old who’s high withers. But she had Steph Bloom from AH Saddles out and was really impressed with the range, the holistic approach and the level of service she has received.

When I sat on her pony for a fitting I fell in love with the saddles too.

So Steph came out and I tried all her saddles (or near enough!) First up the flatwork saddles – I tried two dressage (the Phoenix Classic, left, and the Heathland, top right) and the working hunter (bottom right).

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English Bridles, the best tack in town

English Bridles isn’t one of those brands that many equestrians recognise.

It’s a small company based in Warwickshire that makes really good quality tack from soft supple English leather.

I first came across them 5 years ago when I had Harley and I bought a breastplate from them at Your Horse Live.  Since then I’ve bought two bridles, one for Harley and one for Abbey.

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Videos, shopping and cleaning

I was about to write that I haven’t done much this week.  The weather hasn’t played ball and I caught a cold but in writing this blog entry it seems I’ve done rather a lot!

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Less hat hair with the Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro

I confess; I have a sweaty head and with fine thin hair to boot, I have really struggled to find a hat that fits, looks good and doesn’t give me extreme hat hair.

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Product Review: Mark Todd Thinsulate Winter Gloves

I’ve had these gloves for over two winters and they are definitely worthy of a glowing review!

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Saddles – arrrgggh!!

I hate saddle shopping.  When I got my first horse I was sooooo excited about buying my first saddle but it was a bitter experience.
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Been at it again!

Internet shopping that is. But this time some of the items in my basket made it to the checkout!

Product reviews coming soon on:


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Online shopping is cheap

The cheapest form of shopping for me is online….not because the prices are better but because I end up putting lots of things in baskets all over the internet, only to check my bank balance and realise I can’t afford them.

Since getting Abbey I’ve been slowly converting my showing wardrobe to that appropriate of a native. So far I’ve a tweet jacket with subtle pink checks, a navy tie with pink stars and dark cream jodpurs. I’ve been making do with a shirt that really doesn’t fit but I’d really like one of these:


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