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Life Pro Tip (LPT)

Bits of advice picked up along the way that make life a little easier

LPT: Throw away your sponges….

…flannels are sooo much better!!

For washing horses, for wiping tack, anything a sponge can do a flannel can do better!

Try it!



LPT: Tomato sauce for tails

Tomato sauce takes away the yellow/green tinge in grey manes and tails.

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Storage solutions; Robinsons tack locker review

At livery yards there’s often a problem of storage, especially when there’s no tack room, you’re on a budget and you’ve lots of expensive kit you want to keep clean, accessible and secure.

My tack locker is the only storage item I have paid for (see blog post Storage solutions; free and cheap).  Having bought two expensive saddles I wanted something that I could easily put them in and out of without scratching the leather, was lockable, breathable and mice proof.  This tack locker is one of the cheapest on the market at around £200.

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LPT: cover saddle racks in pipe insulation…

…and prevent your saddles getting dented by the metal.


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