My journey with Abbey & other horsey bits 'n' bobs


Groundwork/Natural Horsemanship/Parelli


(Photo courtesy of: Poppy K Photography)

It’s been just over 3 years since I met and sat on this ponio for the first time. In that time she’s taught me so much.

We’ve had lots of adventures and faced some scary moments.  Here, as they say, are our best bits (in photos):


And of course I couldn’t let today pass without mentioning this little monster!


Hacking solo

Going out on our own is rarely chilled. Abbey is always on the look out for monsters and while she doesn’t ‘do’ anything, sitting on an unexploded bomb doesn’t make for a relaxing walk through the English countryside.

When I first had Abbey flight mode was too easily engaged. If something rustled, moved or was different to the last time we were out, Abbey’s bottom would hit the floor and scoot forward in trot or canter.

Abbey is getting better and now, given a little time, she will think before taking to flight mode.

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Relationship building, making backwards progress and sideways!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve felt Abbey and I are getting closer.

It started at the last dressage and we were waiting for the scores to come out. I left her on the van to go to the office and when I returned she murmured to me. She did the same thing when I went to get another horse in about a week ago.

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Saddles – arrrgggh!!

I hate saddle shopping.  When I got my first horse I was sooooo excited about buying my first saddle but it was a bitter experience.
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Training techniques mix & match; a well rounded or confused pony?

From Parelli and Natural Horsemanship to classical dressage and showjumping, I’ve a pretty open mind but is it helping or hindering our progress?

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Bareback and bitless

Continuing from the ‘Inspired’ thread, I rode Abbey bareback and bitless earlier this week.

I chose my moment carefully – Abbey can be a little sharp and spooky but she was in the right mood,we’d done lots of groundwork and she felt very ‘joined up’.

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Lay down practice…day 2

Nailed it!


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Just watched the full length video of Emma Massingale‘s The Island Project.  This lady is quite amazing and I can only aspire to have her patience, self control and determination!

Here’s the trailer:

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Beginning to go sideways

We’ve started lateral work!

Well, we started a little while ago with some groundwork. She’s moved her backend away on cue for ages and about a month ago I started moving the front end too.  In true Abbey-style at first she got cross not understanding what I wanted and then it clicked.

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