14hh Grey, Registered Grade 1 Connemara

Abbey (full name: Kengo Abbey) was came over from Ireland as a 3 yo, professionally broken and then used at a local riding school before being bought as a confidence giver.  Unfortunately she’d had just started bringing her on when her previous owner had an accident that will prevent her from riding for some time.

As a result Abbey hadn’t done much when she came with me but she’s progressed as quickly as my skills and knowledge have allowed. We’re now competing at Novice level dressage, jumping 80cm and having a lot of fun.

Abbey has a wonderful personality. She’s a quick learner – for both the good and the bad 😉 She’s nimble on her feet – great when you’ve forgotten the course!  She’s tells you exactly what she thinks! (She’s so pretty but pulls the most horrendous faces and tail swishes when I get a stride wrong or won’t let her nosey over the fence during a dressage test!) She’s not cuddly; you have to earn her affections which makes those rare kisses even more valuable.

Abbey has turned her hoof to everything I have thrown at her. From galloping on a beach and wading through rivers, to dressage and hunting.

She’s taught me so much and I am so grateful to have her in my life.