We never got to the bottom of Abbey’s lameness back in January. The heat in her front foot, became heat that came and went in both which lead me to wonder whether it was laminitis.

Nothing about treating Abbey as having laminitis would have done her harm. She was overweight, a weightloss programme was overdue anyway.

I started soaking her hay to remove as much sugar as possible. Her field was made considerable smaller and she’d soaked hay during turnout. I was careful when we’d a frosts forecast too.

When she came sound the fitness programme started. We start slowly and gradually built up the work.

The weight’s coming off slowly. We’ve still a fair bit to go but between November last year and March this year, she’s lost 30kg.

We’ve been back schooling for a little while now and I’ve my eye on a dressage competition in a month or so.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve started jumping again.

Today the YO put some jumps out in one of the fields and I’m delighted to report that Abbey took every fence I pointed her at in her stride. You’d never have know she’s nearly 5 months off from jumping. She was taking me to the fences yet listening when I asked for her to wait for them to come to us.

I can’t believe how far she’s come. Only a couple of years ago, Abbey would have questionned every single one of these fences and if was determined enough, no doubt a refusal or two.