Some days you get to play ponies all day and today was one of those days 😀

This morning I had a dressage lesson and this afternoon I went to the National Dressage Championships.

Even the rain couldn’t put a dampener on the lesson. Abbey is on top form at the moment – she feels stronger, more supple and is concentrating more than ever before (or maybe that’s me!). Together we’re making good progress.

My RI brought a headphone/microphone set so he didn’t have to shout over the wind and rain. It’s my first time using them and I must admit I rather liked them (find out more here).


As Abbey’s trot work is coming on nicely, we concentrated on our canter. The main take-away for me is to give with the inside rein throughout the transition. It seems I have been hanging on and Abbey is using that to lean on and become hollow. She’s now balanced enough to move through the transitions on her own. It’s going to be a little scrappy while we both adjust but even within today’s session there was an improvement.

Having got thoroughly soaked (down to my underwear 😦 ) and then cold, I attempted to get my internal temperature up with a jam doughnut and a cup of coffee- nothing has tasted so good!


Once Abbey had dried a little, I headed home, got changed into some dry clothes and headed to the National Dressage Championships. I’ve always enjoyed going and this year was no exception. There’s always some top-class riding by some inspiring equestrians and some great shopping to do (find out more here).

Looking ahead there’s more horsey activities penciled in the diary – this weekend there’s a show and there’s a Trailblazer dressage qualifier on the weekend after. Whether I’ll go to  the show is anyone’s guess.

At the moment the forecast is for heavy rain and strong winds which doesn’t suit Abbey and me at all. Abbey can get spooky in the wind and I hate getting cold and wet – the combination just doesn’t make for a fun day out. The photos from last year suggest the event might be indoors but I’ve ridden in that school before and Abbey really doesn’t like the corners, let alone a rattling roof. I fear it might be a miserable day, filled with arguments.