Some people would call me cynical, I’d prefer to see it as a healthy level of suspicion. So when I saw posts on social media saying that the new Eqclusive brushes were as good as the company says I didn’t believe them. At all.

But I was curious. I really liked the idea of avoiding the cold water hose the morning of a competition.  Somehow I seem to transfer the poo from Abbey to me, and get drenched in the process. Which then means I turn up looking like I have been dragged through a ditch (wetter than a hedge) backwards, but at least I have a clean pony. It also means that I’ve wet sleeves for the whole day…in winter that really gets on my nerves!

I really like the idea of being able to half the baths, brushing off mud and stable stains and going out.

I don’t know how many times, I’ve clicked the link on the Facebook posts. I just couldn’t justify £80 for some horse brushes but then I spotted the money back guarantee…

When they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them out. But Abbey had other ideas….

For 5 days she kept herself immaculate.  There’d not a stable stain in sight. Now normally I would be thrilled but I had new brushes to try and only 2 days to return them!  So I started offering to groom other liveries’ horses. The thing was, that all the other greys live out 24/7 and were woolly mammoths.

It didn’t feel like I was testing them for what I wanted.  There’s a big difference between removing a stable stain from a summer or clipped coat and de-mudding a horse with 2″ of course fur! To be fair, they did do a fairly good job. The 1st brush did remove more mud more easily than the dandy brush or the rubber comb we compared it too.

Day 6, I arrived to this:



Phew! Armed with my brushes I set to work.

1st brush:


Still a faint green tinge, but certainly acceptable.

2nd brush:


3rd and 4th brushes:


I was impressed! I’d certainly go out with that level of cleaniness.

What I find interesting is the amount of scurfiness the first two brushes bring up through the coat. Whereever I finish a ‘sweep’, there are hundreds of little bits of yuk.


It’s been nearly 6 months since I purchased these brushes and I use the set daily; usually just the first two. But if I am in a rush then just the first one.

I’ve had numerous comments about her clean Abbey looks and today a friend said it looked like I been using Daz!

They are better on a clipped winter coat than a summer one, nevertheless they do a far better job than any ‘normal’ brushes I have used.

I ordered the posh box to keep them in.  Unfortunately I have already cracked the lid. You have to put the brushes in at an angle because they are too tall to stand on their ends. I didn’t and used a little too much force 😦 Considering that I paid extra for the box, I am a little disappointed, but it does look exactly like it does on the website and was what I was expecting so I can’t complain….but I will say to anyone else ordering them, be gentle and line the brushes up properly!

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