Today’s lesson did not go to plan. Abbey will be affectionately know forthwith as little sh*tbag.

Out of an hours lesson we had 10mins of good quality work. The other 50 minutes consisted of looking and spooking, resisting and arguing.

I don’t know what was up with her. There’s wasn’t anything obviously scary outside of the arena and she was perfectly chilled yesterday. Maybe she’s coming into season.

They say every cloud has a silver lining and today’s was getting Sam‘s advice on how to do some damage limitation and get Abbey back to work quickly.

NZ Clouds

Letting go seems to be the most important take-home message. Flex and release, flex and release…if I hold on for a millisecond too long, Abbey throws her head up in protest and we loose the rythm. By holding on I also give her something to fight against.

Sam also noticed that, in the moment of confrontation, I bring my right elbow out and roll my shoulder forward. In this position I am much slower to react and create tension throughout mine and then Abbey’s right hand side.

Abbey provided plenty opportunities to practice and by the end I starting to catch her and keep her working even though she was looking at a leaf/chair that’s always been there/jump wing/imaginary dragon.

Tomorrow is another day!