Lessons with Sam Twyman are continuing to go well and on Tuesday we attempted half pass for the first time!

Sam has had me flexing Abbey a lot, to build suppleness and encourage her to lift her withers.

We’ve also introduced outside flexion – in the stretch work and when we’re working in a more developed frame.

In our last lesson we started leg yield, and then because all was going well, Sam introduced us to half pass.

I don’t know whether it’s just me, but half pass has always been something that you only do when you’re competing at a high level and I never thought that Abbey and I would get there.

But as Sam explained, half pass is just leg yield with the opposite bend.  That makes it sound much easier than I found it…more like rubbing my head and patting my tummy for the first time.

As usual as soon as I got the aids right Abbey flowed with opposite bend without a moments hesitation!

Getting the aids right is the hard part for me. I over-try for leg yield and contort my body to try in an effort to push her over more.  Sam had my tickling Abbey with my whip (while applying my leg but not twisting my body!). She responds well to the whip and moves over easily.