Had a cracking outing on Sunday.  Abbey was a superstar coming 2nd in both a prelim and a novice classes with 67.69% and 66.96% respectively.

We got good marks for everything we’ve been working on in our lessons and there was only one comment on Abbey’s suppleness (a word that normally litters our score sheets).

It felt lovely too. Often I am fighting for Abbey’s attention and feel like I am hauling her around the circles. On Sunday there was a lightness and a flow which I’ve not had in a test before.

Overall I though my position was better. I was sitting up straighter and on both seat bones. I am still working on keeping my pesky toes in.



In this weeks lesson, Sam observed that when I ask Abbey to move away from my leg I bring my lower leg too far back.I do this by rolling my thighs inwards, gripping with my knees and swinging just my lower leg back. He showed me how to roll my thighs outwards, keeping the knee relaxed which enables me to bring my whole leg back rather than just my calves.

Last week the “ah-ha!” moment was when he asked my to lengthen my thigh. I’m not sure how or why (magic?!) but by doing this, my whole position improves.

This weekend I am hoping to take Abbey to a show. Unusually the Mountain and Moorland classes are starting ‘not before 1pm’, which gives me the time to bath Ab Fab in the morning and have a nice relaxed start to the day. Fingers crossed the sun shines and Abbey stays calm among all craziness that is a local show!