To be honest I’m a bit disappointed with today’s result. It’s ok, the highs wouldn’t be as high if we always had a great result and came home with red frillies. It’s was a learning experience.

Abbey traveled reasonably well. She’s still shaking like a leaf on the box but she didn’t sweat up and quickly calmed down when we arrived.

I’d managed to get there early (which might be a first!).  And while I don’t think Abbey and I have a particularly strong bond, a neighbour said she did get wound up when I left her to nip to the loo. Who’d have thought Abbey would miss me!

I had a slight wardrobe malfunction…and am now looking forward to getting some new boots (these were second hand off ebay as I didn’t know whether I’d get into this competing thing).


Our ok-ness started with the warm-up.  Abbey was obedient but didn’t truly relax and focus. She felt like she was on my aids though and while we did have the odd spook (“who put a wheel barrow outside the school!”), generally she felt ok.

The warm-up was a little stop-start as reinforcements arrived with safety pins for the malfunctioning wardrobe. Unfortunately they weren’t strong enough to hold the zip together but the show goes on…!

Many of the comments on my sheet are about suppleness through the back and I lost marks on the medium movements which, the judge said, I’d get with more impulsion. As usual the stretches weren’t good enough but then Abbey didn’t really relax.


Really not sure what happened to the left canter transition….I very rarely have to kick and certainly not twice.   Abbey’s head was elsewhere!

Taking into account this was Abbey’s first test in 3 or 4 months, we’ve only recently stepped up from prelim and we qualified for the next round (which was my ambition), I should be pleased. Somehow I’m not, I’m not sure why. I was hoping to do a better test and get a better %. Maybe next time….