Over this week Abbey has been to the gallops, hacked around the big block, and been doing some pole work.  While I always try and keep her work varied, this week has been exceptional.

I’ve always wanted to go to the gallops and it certainly lived up to expectations.  With the fields being so soggy it was a great way of blowing off some cobwebs and starting to build Abbey’s staminia.

We were very sensible and interval trained, waiting until the end to have a proper gallop. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold a phone and gallops, so here’s a clip of one of our more sensible laps:


On the way home, the horsebox seemed to be not liking first or second and sadly the garage have confirmed that the gearbox is broken so we won’t be going to our dressage tomorrow.

Every cloud has a silver lining though, so today, rather than practice our test again we had a lesson with poles. First exercise was our all-too familar 10m loops….but this time we’d two poles (about 2 strides apart).  It really focused our attention and made me ride more accurately, especially when we had to aim over certain parts of the pole.

Next exercise was canter poles at 12, 3, 6 and 9 on a circle.  It’s been a while since we did this and we were rather rusty.

Finally we had a straight line of trot poles, which really made Abbey pick up her feet!