I often film my schooling sessions with Abbey, mainly to see how we’re progressing, what I am doing right and wrong and if what I feel is what you see.

Here’s our latest session:

There are plenty of things I feel I could be doing better and am I looking forward to my lesson next week.  What struck me the most is how far we’ve come in three years.

This video was taken in winter 2014, when I first sat on Abbey:

I’ve entered our first dressage competition of the year and the test involves a canter-trot-canter across the diagonal. Considering this is the first time we’ve tried these I was thrilled with our efforts.  If we can do them like that on the day, I will be over the moon.

The video highlights how much stronger I am with my right hand in comparison with my left.  I know about this but it seems to go out my ickle head when we’re in the midst of a schooling session.

Also, when I’m doing my shoulder-ins I am moving my hands not my shoulders. Having said that I was pleasantly surprised at how much angle we’d got…I’ve been asking for more and maybe too much at this stage. I am also over bending her, particularly to the right (that pesky hand again!).

Picking up on these little errors means I can address them quickly, hopefully before they become habits. And the bet part is that it’s not cost much to-do; just a cheap grippy tripod off amazon and my mobile phone.  If it’s not something that you do, give it a try!