We’re less than two weeks into 2018 and so far it’s going well.

Abbey is back in work and she’s remembered the vast majority of the novice work that we were doing last year. It’ll be a while before she’s fit enough and strong enough to move the work on but it’s a great start.

The fitness work is hacking only at the moment – a) it’s supposed to be the best way to start them off, and b) the fields are a swamp.

Yesterday the sun put in it’s first appearance so  I’m hoping that in a months or so’s time we’ll be able to start interval training with vengeance.

DSC03410 (2)

In the meantime, I’ve been putting some effort into my own fitness and training.  As well as yoga and some aerobic fitness I have started meditating. Call me a hippy if you want…but I am hoping to be able to keep myself  very calm and focused in those moments when Abbey needs me i.e. when a banner flaps on the dressage arena fence mid-test.

My session was rudely interrupted by this little one dropping toys on me and wanting to play. #meditationtip#1 – give the dog a chew in another room.


We’ve our first lesson of the year next week and I’m looking to book our first test in for the end of the month/beginning of next.

Hope you’re all off to a good start too…I’ll be back soon with more from Abbey and me.