Last Thursday Abbey and I ventured out in 40mph gusts to do Novice 24 and 34.  Despite the wind we came home with just over 63% and 65% and two green rosettes.

Abbey settled much more quickly in the warm up this time and in comparison with our last outing, was slightly less tense and spooky (though I still could have kissed her ears many times during the test!).  I thought she was fairly fit but I guess she’d used up most of her energy being anxious and her engine died for the second test.  This did mean, however, that she got the the relaxation.


Today we picked up the flatwork again with a schooling lesson.  We’re still working on Abbey’s suppleness and medium trot. After the dressage test, we also practiced the canter figure of 8 with a trot transition over X.

After warming up with some spirals in and out of a 20m circles and some transitions, we built on the loop exercises that we’ve been doing for a little while now.   My RI asked me to add tear drop shapes to the end of my 5m loops.


Continuing the suppling work, we did some serpentines but only using half the width of the school.  My RI had us adding in circles both on the left and right.

Next we did some medium trot practice.  It’s coming along, slowly.

And then we worked on those pesky figures of 8 in canter with a transition to trot over X.  My RI had us doing them on a serpentine too, which makes us concentrate on being straight over the centre line.