It’s been a busy week for me and a good one for Abbey.

On Wednesday I went to Horse of the Year Show (see my report here). I got up early to see the Connemara class and was delighted to read later this week that Skaergaarden Delicious Love won the overall M&M championship (click here to find the showing tips I picked up).

Thursday was dressage schooling. I’m having to get used to Abbey’s new way of going. She’s so chilled that I’m having to generate energy and engage her hind end through exercises rather than containing the anxious energy that she’s been giving me for the last couple of months.

Determined to get more ‘ping’, Abbey and I headed to the school again on Friday evening and I’m please to report that there was a small improvement.

On Saturday I got the jumps out. Since that ODE Abbey has been firing into fences and running through my hands. I decided to try an exercise my RI had us doing when Abbey was young and inexperienced.

With two fences at 12 and 6 o’clock on a medium sized circle (30m-20m). The idea is that the horse teaches itself to bounce not run – it’s much easier for them to get round the circle and pop the two fences if they are sitting on their hocks and balancing the energy rather than using speed.

I needn’t have bothered from the first canter Abbey was bouncing, using her hind end. Even after the warm up fences she was waiting to find out where we were going next. I am delighted 😁 my Abbey is back!

Today I brought in a mud monster…not sure what Abbey and field mate got up to last night but it looks like they had fun!

We went for a hack around the big block, where we met friends with the remote control cars – any excuse to desensitise Abbey and her BFF.

When we got back we tried riding and leading – this also went without a drama. With a successful 2-4-1 there’s now no excuse to keep her and her mate fit.