@horsebloggers recently suggested us bloggers share our best money saving tips, so after nearly a decade of horse ownership, here are my pearls of wisdom:

1) Buy quality

Cheap is often a false economy. There are some things that it’s just worth spending more on in the first instance. Rugs are a great example. Having bought lots of rugs over the years I’ve found Rambo are the best. They fit well with plenty of room round the shoulders and last for decades.

Buying quality doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive though…my Dublin Pinnacle boots have done 2 years whereas the more expensive brand disintegrated in just one. (It does say not to muck out in them, but who has the time to do 3 footwear changes in one yard visit?!)

2. Buy in bulk

If you can store the bulky items like shavings you can save quite a lot of money. Unfortunately, being on a livery yard I’ve not got the room but I buy smaller things in bulk, like the ingredients for my home-made fly spray, vet wrap and supplements.


3. Buy a native! 

They’re are tough, hardy and resilient but can turn their hooves to most equestrian activities and they live on thin air!