I’ve booked a week off work and had a diary packed full of pony-fun – from a biomechanics and showjumping lessons to cross country schooling.  And then the Sunday before the fun begins….Abbey comes in with an egg on her face.

The swelling was hard but not particularly warm and while she’s been a little quiet, Abbey’s eating and drinking normally.

I’ve spoken with the vet. After lots of questions about where she’s been and other horses she’s been in contact with, the vets advice was to monitor closely (taking her temp twice a day) and if it’s not gone in 7-10 days (or if I am worried at all) to call her out. She suggested that it might be a bite, hawthorne or swollen glands – all of which can sort themselves out.

It’s now Wednesday and the lump is still there.  It’s moved further under her jawline and I think it’s gone down a little. On Monday Abbey seems to be her normal self again and yesterday I took her for a mooch around the fields yesterday (still trying to keep her weight under control).

Fingers crossed it continues to improve and we can get back to having fun very soon.