This image accurately describes the last couple of months…only add a horse to the mix! Not that Abbey has noticed much – she’s had a bit of a holiday.

It’s also given Betty an opportunity to adjust to her new life.  Here she is ‘helping’ me to muck out. Yes that is poo she’s eating.


After a very hectic couple of months (work), Abbey and are getting fit and starting to prepare for competitions again.

I’ve managed to keep her ticking over, riding two to three times a week.  It’s not been enough to stop significant weight gain (5 girth holes, eek!) but it has been enough to solidify some of the flatwork – like the slower, more uphill canter and outside & inside flexion.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be increasing her fitness and strength (long & low).  We’ll concentrate on forward, straightness and suppleness.  I might even enter us to a local dressage competition so we start getting into the habit of going out again…watch this space!