2017 is off to a great start with 67.85% and qualification for the second round of Trailblazers.

Sadly there’s no video…not sorted that out yet but we got some really constructive comments from the judge and some really encouraging remarks.

I’m delighted that we got 2 x 8s for our upwards canter transitions (and one of the downwards), we’ve been really working on those.  The 6.5 and comment for the other canter-trot transition was fair – just shows how important it is to collect before the transition and that we’ve more work to do to get that consistency.

I’m disappointed with the marks for our 20m trot circles.  It’s made me realise that while I ‘get’ 20m in a short school, I need more practice in a long school.  Need to revise the H&H e-learning 1st lesson and practice in a full length school!

It’s such a shame that we had a jog on the free walk…completely my fault. I put my leg on and then lengthened the rein, rather than lengthening the rein and asking with alternate legs so I got what I asked for!

The second H&H e-learning lesson has been useful too….we got 7.5 for our halt 🙂

Overall I am well chuffed with what we achieved today.  It was great to get some constructive feedback and to have identified some areas to work on.  I’ll be asking my RI about getting more impulsion in the trot.

I probably shouldn’t say it but the icing on the cake was beating a very fancy dressage horse #gottaloveaconnemara 😉