….in a good way.  Abbey and I have had our first two lessons, we’re booked in to our first dressage competition and we’ve a mini adventure planned for the weekend (subject to the weather forecast being accurate!).

Lesson 1 introduced us to a really useful exercise.  Flex to the outside on the long straights and then 15m circle at the end.  It makes Abbey truly go into the outside hand and encourages her to stretch and relax into the contact.  It’s especially useful on the right rein where she will avoid going into my left hand.

Lesson 2 was all about building up her back end with raised poles.  Abbey is well used to them on the lunge but I’ve never put them up this high before.  Given how windy, dark and cold it was I was pleased with Abbey’s concentration and calm attitude to what was quite a complex question.

This weekend we’ve a hack at the local riding club.  It’ll take us though woods, rivers and we may even squeeze in a good canter along one of the fields. The trip out will also do Abbey good from a loading/travelling/new venue POV too.

The first round qualifiers are coming up thick and fast and we’ve entered the prelims again – prelim 17 & prelim 19 being the two classes.  Now I just need to get my hands on the test sheets and we can start practicing the movements!