Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Apologies for the tardiness, I’ve been out of the country on my holidays. First up was Rome for Christmas, followed by skiing in Sauze D’Oulx.

Just like some ponies, skis don’t respond to shouts of ‘whoa!’ or ‘steady!’ – not that it stopped me screaming those words as I hurtled down a mountain slightly out of control! FYI Italians also don’t respond well to ‘over’ in ski lift ‘queues’ either!

While I was away some friends looked after Abbey and I was delighted to return to reports of good behaviour.  It’s lovely to come back to ‘she was no trouble at all’ and ‘it was a pleasure’. Fingers crossed they won’t mind doing it again! It wasn’t a total holiday for Abbs, who was kept ticking over with light hacking and schooling.

Feeling refreshed and full of renewed enthusiasm, our get-fit training has just begun. I have resumed running and we will be working on Abbey’s fitness as the New Year progresses.

We’ll start with lots and lots of walking, increasing the length of time gradually.  This will be interspersed with lunging (with lots of raised pole to work the left hind) and a light schooling. I’ll also get her out and about as soon as I can so she’s as chilled as possible for our first competitions, which will be Trailblazers qualifiers.