Late summer there was some bad news at the yard. A couple of the YO’s cattle had been put out on some older pasture and within a couple of weeks the eldest and youngest cows had died.

Post mortums revealed their deaths had been caused by magnesium deficiencies.

At the same another livery was struggling to work out why her pony was tucked up every morning and following exercise, and I was wondering why Abbey had got increasingly spooky and ‘hot headed’ since I’d owned her.

Was she just fitter?  Feeling fresh? Just her personality?

She was, at that time, just starting to concentrate more during schooling sessions. But it only took a leaf to look at her funny for her to spook and she’d always have an eye out for scary things.

After the YO had told us about the cattle, myself and the owner of the pony that tucks up purchased some magnesium oxide (after checking with my vet too).

Within a month or so, the YO reported that she’d noticed a difference in Abbey’s behaviour. Abbey had been far more relaxed when coming in and more chilled about life in general.

In the school Abbey has become much calmer too.  In our most recent sessions she’s entered the menage and got her head down almost immediately.  She no longer approaches all questions by going faster and we’re starting to get a really swinging trot where she stretches across her back consistently.

I don’t know whether it’s the magnesium or if Abbey is starting to grow up, understanding what I am asking of her and realising that slower is often easier.

The change is allowing us to move on with her training….but more of that soon.

(And yes, my friends horse is no longer tucking up so frequently.)