Trailblazers starts tomorrow and I’m pleased with how our training has gone.

We started off schooling every other (more or less) and made good progress. I’d properly learnt 2 out of 3 tests and the practice runs showed where our weaknesses were.

We’re still working on our canter transitions and most wobbles/crookedness disappear if I keep my left hand up!

However Abbey started to feel a little stale so I’d made a conscious effort to stay away from the stressage. So for 10 days we’ve been working on our fitness (interval training and hacking), jumping and despooking.

Another livery brought down some fake flowers she has in pots (her horse is spooky too!), I’ve parked my car in the school while a friend beeped the horn and the LeTrec equipment has been put out in one of the fields.

The ‘washing line’, tarpuline and bridge were easily conquered. However, the ‘high bar’ (like a high jump at school that you are supposed to walk under) was a bit more of a challenge.  We did it though and I’m sure that it’s helped us bond and will put us in good sted for all the scary stuff we’ll meet at Trailblazers and our future adventures.

We returned to the school during the final week and the rest clearly did Abbey good.  I just hope we haven’t over done it!


Watching the last videos back made me realised that I’ve been letting my new reins get too long (there aren’t any worn marks) – it’s something to remember on the event days.

I’ll let you know how I get on!