It’s been a while since I last drafted a post – works been rather hectic as it always is at this time of year.  Consequently Abbey hasn’t done much or been out since Kenilworth show.

The most dramatic thing happened shortly after I returned from a week away (with work).

The flies have been terrible recently and last Sunday Abbey came in with an awful reaction to a bite on a very sensitive part of her body!  She was obviously very uncomfortable and the vet suggested giving her bute or danilon to reduce the swelling and the pain.

Abbey wouldn’t touch the hard feed that I put the danilon in, despite my best efforts to disguise the taste with hedge herbs, garlic and molasses. So, on the vets advice I put a couple of sachets in a solution syringed it into her mouth.  Bless her  she was so good about it.

Unfortunately less than 20 minutes it was apparent something was wrong as her lips began to swell and she developed a rash on face.  Within half an hour I’d had to call the vet out- the rash was spreading and her nostrils were starting to close as her muzzle swelled.

The vet gave Abbey a steroid injection and within half an hour the swellings started to go down.  After 2 hours it was hard to tell anything had happened.

The next day the skin which had stretched started to crack so Abbey had to suffer the injustice of being smothered in Sudocrem . She was still quiet and subdued for a 3/4 days after and I noticed that she was starting to lick/chew weird things. So although she’s rather overweight she’s back having a hard feed (only chaff) with a gms and hedge herbs in.

It’s taking over a week for her to get back to usual self but I am pleased report that she seems to have fully recovered and we’re now focusing on the Trailblazer Champs at the end of the month.

I’ve 3 dressage tests to do on 3 consecutive days – not entirely sure how I am going to remember them all!