*the schools is 60m x 30m,so I try and use the 3/4 lines as the outer edges, but sometimes forget!

With the second round of trailblazers on Sunday, this week’s dressage lesson was on our test.

I hadn’t learnt the test (work’s been rather busy) and was up to the yard late, which Abbey wasn’t overly pleased about so weren’t quite ready.  Nevertheless I got out of it. It’s amazing how I still don’t implement the basics:

  • make full use of the corners – some of the movements in this test come up thick and fast, if I don’t go deep into the corner there’s little time to prepare for the changes of rein over the diagonals, for example
  • preparation is key especially when it comes to the downward transitions
  • 20m circles at A and C go to X!
  • Abbey is easily distracted in walk – keep the ‘walk one horse length’ down to 3-4 strides, not 4-5
  • keep my outside hand up (especially on the right rein)
  • turn earlier for the centre line
  • after the free walk ensure my reins are short enough for the rest of the test
  • halt after X (test says between X and G)