This is why I ride. This is why I spend most of my free time quite literally shoveling poop, why I carry on trying even when it seems like we’ll never get there and why I get back on each time I fall off!

Today we went cross country schooling.  I wasn’t really in the mood but I said I would go so go we did. Abbey loaded well, she’s still shaking on the box but didn’t sweat up on the way to the riding club.  She’s settling a lot quicker once we arrive too.

We went with Abbey’s old field mate (another connie from the same stud) and I worried that they would be a nightmare trying to separate so we had a practice earlier this week.


They were fine and today they were good too.  The worst that happened was when I jumped a fence toward her friend and Abbey rushed a little or, when turning away, she’d fall through her shoulder, but that was about it!

We had the odd stop at a few new fences; nothing nasty Abbey just backs off my leg and grinds to a halt in front of a fence she thinks is scary.  My friend says she can tell 5 strides out whether she’s going to jump it or not!  She jumped them all second time around.  By the end my confidence had grown so on our final run, when she tried to back off the two new fence I managed to push her on and got over them first time.

She led my friends horse through the water.  That was quite an achievement as last year it was Abbey who always needed the lead.  (Our winter ‘puddle training’ has paid off!)  She also jumped a ditch on the first presentation too.  (She’s only jumped one ditch before and that was last summer).


The photo was taken at the end of our last run where we put together a string of 13 or so fences which Abbey jumped really really well. I was so pleased with her and with me!  It’s been a really good, fun day out.

Abbey enjoying a well deserved roll in her field at home: