67.83% and first place at Swallowfield Equestrian Centre today.

Since our last test I have changed our tack and our pre-event routine; the changes seemed to have helped.

The last few times Abbey and I have been out she’s been rather fresh.  So rather than giving her Friday off this week (just because I am knackered after a week at work), I did a good half an hour on the lunge.

As she’s fitter than she was this winter I also extended her up warm to half hour.  This worked well – she was listening but not tired.  It helped that she was fairly relaxed throughout so I spent a reasonable about of time in walk – last time she was so fresh that walk was impossible for a good 10 minutes!

This last week I have also have removed her flash. She was getting more and more resistant to the contact in recently and seems far more relaxed without it.

Watching the video back makes me want to lengthen my stirrups!

Here’s what the judge said: