At livery yards there’s often a problem of storage, especially when there’s no tack room, you’re on a budget and you’ve lots of expensive kit you want to keep clean, accessible and secure.

My tack locker is the only storage item I have paid for (see blog post Storage solutions; free and cheap).  Having bought two expensive saddles I wanted something that I could easily put them in and out of without scratching the leather, was lockable, breathable and mice proof.  This tack locker is one of the cheapest on the market at around £200.


Rural crime is an issue in England and frequently thieves target livery yards because of the amount kit that this available. This lock is a little lighter than I would like so I’m going to put some bricks in the bottom of it and make it too heavy to easily shift.

The other adaptation I’ve made is to the saddle racks inside.  Putting saddles direct onto metal poles can dent the underside of the saddle; the leather and flocking take the shape of the poles that they are resting on, rather than maintaining their horse-back shape. So I’ve fitted some pipe insulation at a whopping cost of £1.84!


The bridle hooks aren’t very handy as with the saddles inside the bridle stops the doors from shutting.  Likewise with the additional hooks.

Overall I am quite pleased with it – the shelves on top are really handy for keeping my hats and gloves on, and there’s space at the bottom for exercise sheets, boots and whips and it will do the job of keeping my saddles safe and secure.  It’s reasonable value for money.

Having said that, if I had more money I would invest in a wider, heavier one.