I’m quite lucky at my yard; each livery has allocated space outside their stable and an ally to store their things.  We’ve each got our own solution and it’s quite interesting seeing how everyone uses their space.

Over the years mine has changed quite alot.  At the moment I use my allyway to store stuff I don’t use much (such as the OH’ bike for hacks!), feedbins, mucking out equipment and I’ve hooks for her ropes, bridles and other bits ‘n’ bobs.


As I’ve a corner stable I’ve a little more wall space than some of the other liveries.

I’ve shelves for the first aid kit, supplements, treats, lotions and potions, bandages and buckets – all the things I use daily. The bandages I keep in a plastic box because of the ever present mud-dust! This unit was being thrown out at work because the shelves are bowing.  It’s fine for the yard though!


To the left I’ve a wardrobe.  The drawers are really useful for the little things – bits, bit guards, knife (for opening bales), fly fringes etc etc.  The top section is brilliant – a perfect size and shape for saddle pads and numnahs. The hanging space is currently under used as my show jackets and body protector are living in the horsebox.


I found the wardrobe on free cycle. The additional drawers are from the tip.

Finally I’ve a big brown box.  This was originally made by my next door neighbour for my saddle but because of it’s height I would frequently scratch my saddle’s cantle getting it in and out.   As I now invested in two, expensive saddles, I’ve also invested in a manufactured tack locker (see blog post ‘Storage solutions; Robinsons tack locker review‘).

Now this box is being used to store rugs and as it’s lockable, my relatively expensive Heiniger clippers.