English Bridles isn’t one of those brands that many equestrians recognise.

It’s a small company based in Warwickshire that makes really good quality tack from soft supple English leather.

I first came across them 5 years ago when I had Harley and I bought a breastplate from them at Your Horse Live.  Since then I’ve bought two bridles, one for Harley and one for Abbey.

There was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing on Abbey’s; she’s an odd size head.  It’s cob sized at the top, pony in the middle and small pony round her muzzle.  At first I bought a pony sized and could tell it didn’t fit so I took lots of pictures, spoke to one of the team and sent them the photos.

They didn’t quibble, were really happy to help and managed to work out what size bits and pieces she needed and sent me a bespoke bridle.  Their customer service is excellent! At the moment Abbey’s a comfort bridle with a padded noseband and flash but for showing I’m going to need a plain cavesson, so I’ll be making another purchase shortly.

Given that the bridle is used daily and is still smart enough to be her competition bridle too, that the breastplate is still going strong on a friends horse and when it’s clean, it looks lovely, I can safely say that their tack really lasts.

***Update: As the showing season is about to start and a padded nose and isn’t appropriate for Mounted and Moorland classes, I’ve invested in a traditional cavesson. 

 Think it looks rather smart!!