I was about to write that I haven’t done much this week.  The weather hasn’t played ball and I caught a cold but in writing this blog entry it seems I’ve done rather a lot!

Forecasted thunderstorms and high wind did put an end to my plans to go to Rugby Riding Club Easter show so I braved the roads instead.  Abbey’s scooting is now 99.9% of the time controlled with a half halt – it feels like she is really starting to trust me (or I am riding her better).

Looking at my diary it’s the first time we’ve been on the roads for a couple of months and there was plenty for her to look at. Someone has flytipped along most of our route so there’s lots of rubbish on the verges, a hedgeline has been removed so the racetrack is now clearly visible and they are repairing lots of potholes so there is a good stretch of roadworks to navigate.  But the ride was without incident and I was really pleased with how she handled all the scary stuff!

While I was laid up with a cold I reinstated my subscription to www.horsehero.com. I haven’t been on there for a little while and it seems that Fionia and the team have been really busy.  I find watching videos of other people having lessons/schooling really enthuses me to crack on and I pick up lots and lots of tips.

With Abbey being a little inconsistent in her contact, this one  made for interesting viewing.  I’ve always been quick to vibrate/wiggle the inside rein but I am going to try keeping my hands a lot stiller to see if that has the desired effect.

Video 1

This one inspired me to ensure Abbey is soft and supple in all our work and to really insist on it from the outset.  Sometimes I am too quick to push on to the next thing without perfecting the basics.

Video 2

And this one made me want to go cross country schooling again!

Video 3

I’ve also been shopping…I visited a real shop and picked up a couple of bargains.  Abbey’s got a new Wolsely body brush.  I am hoping she’ll like it because it’s made of natural fibers and therefore shouldn’t give her electric shocks like her cheap plastic one does.  I got some smart dressage gloves and a new show shirt.  I went in with the intention of getting a new navy show jacket but none of them fitted very well, so I’m going back wearing a different (sports) bra to see if that stops them pulling across the chest.

Finally I’ve been having a spring clean. The horsebox is now all shiney….though there’s a bit of lesson behind that.  While it does fit in the local hand wash bay, I do have to let the tyres down and have 3 men stood on it to get it under the light! My grooming kit is all clean so hopefully I gain start getting the grime off Abbey rather than putting it back on, my tack is now clean and my LeMieux girth cover is once again all fluffy and soft.

All in all, a productive week!