Lovin’ this Saturday! The sun is shinning, it’s not that cold, Abbey did a great test and we won the class.


I’m very grateful to the other half for coming along and filming the test. I learn so much by watching them back (I show them to my instructor too).

We did a 25 minute warm up, which I am thinking is a little short. I did 30 minutes the first time out and 40 the second, which was definitely too long so I’m thinking 30 minutes is about right.

It’s great to see something that I’ve been working on improve. I was better prepared that I have been in our two other tests for that first center line.  We still drift a bit but it is better than it was.

The wobbles are often because she’s looking at something at the far end and backs off my leg. So, for the next test, I am going to ride that center line before the bell goes, and hope she’s better the second time.

I liked how much energy the canter transitions had, she really used her back end and they felt lovely.

We got 65.26% and the main comments were about consistency and suppleness in the contact.