The cheapest form of shopping for me is online….not because the prices are better but because I end up putting lots of things in baskets all over the internet, only to check my bank balance and realise I can’t afford them.

Since getting Abbey I’ve been slowly converting my showing wardrobe to that appropriate of a native. So far I’ve a tweet jacket with subtle pink checks, a navy tie with pink stars and dark cream jodpurs. I’ve been making do with a shirt that really doesn’t fit but I’d really like one of these:


And because Abbey’s tack is brown, I’d like to swap my dressage and showjumping outfit to navy with this shirt and jacket:

Thought these were rather nice too:

And for Abbey I found her an excise sheet and rug:


Can you tell it’s been another wet and windy day?! I live in the middle…

Flood warnings