Going out is still quite a ‘thing’ for Abbey.  She’s got very close to another mare on the yard and I am sure that half the going out ‘thing’ (reluctance to load and very excited/nervous when we get there) is partly to do with her not wanting to be separated from her field mate.

There’s also something about my van which she isn’t keen on. I’ve widened the partition, added windows but she’s becoming more and more sticky to load at home.  Homeward bound isn’t as bad – talking 2mins not 10mins.  I’m going to try her in a friends trailer and in someone else’s 3.5t van to see whether she is more relaxed in either of those.

Still despite it being a bit of a battle to get her to concentrate (see the warm -up video), Abbey produced a super test and I am delighted with her, especially as it was her first ever. To get through to the 2nd round of Trailblazers was the icing on the ice (the cherry would have been a rosette, but never mind!)

All comments and feedback welcome…always looking to improve. Judges comments below too.


Prelim 13 30th Jan Results