Had a lesson tonight and practiced Saturday’s test.

We are lucky to have a big school but it’s 25m wide and 40m long, which makes practicing prelim 19 a little tricky.  On Saturday I’ll be in a 20 x 60m arena.  It’s easy to get my head around the width – we just laid poles out to make the school thinner – but the length will feel weird.

After warming up we ran through the test, then pulled it apart of worked on my weakest points: centre line, picking up the canter transition over the centre line and accuracy when I leave the track.

We made good progress.  I need to remember to:

  • maintain the contact with my outside rein through the canter transitions in particular
  • wait for my body to hit the letters, not Abbey’s face
  • going down the centre line – if she wobbles push her forward into my hands to get the straightness
  • halt/salute – catch her before she slips out to the left with my leg and hand
  • all 20m go to the edge!!!

It didn’t help that a cat/fox emerged out of the darkness towards the end of the mock test but hey ho…suppose it’s good practice for her spooking during the real thing!