So Thursday was Guy Fawkes night…which I had completely forgotten about until I’d got one of Abbey’s ears into her bridle and a display started seemingly behind her backside!  Bless her she handled in a typical Abbey stylie….giraffe mode complete with eyes on stalks (but importantly nothing else!).

I abandoned the idea of riding and took her in the school to let her run off some of the adrenaline and run she did….half an hour of beautiful extended trot!!!  When she calmed down we did a little groundwork, all under ‘fire’.

Thankfully by Friday night the noise had become the ‘norm’ so when the Rugby club started their display during our cool down she gave the explosions little more than a curious glance.

We’re well into autumn and quite frank it’s blowing a gale so Saturday’s saddle fitting and Sunday’s hack wasn’t quite as calm and relaxed as it could have been! Think I would prefer snow!

The ground is getting rather wet too so event organisers are moving things indoors…I’m embracing the opportunity and have booked us in to do our first stressage test.  I’ve 4 days to brush up our flatwork, learn the test (probably the hardest part) and get a was-white saddle cloth white again!