Went to a fun ride about an hour away and my friend who I went with had a really nasty fall.

We were mid way through a line of 3 fences and her horse took off to jump an oxer but hesitated.  The rider slipped off the side onto the fence but so did the horse and for next few seconds I watched on in horror as she was squished between a solid fence and a horse that was thrashing around trying to get back onto it’s feet.

She was conscious when I got to her moments later and had propped herself up on one elbow but was struggling to breath and said she couldn’t feel her leg.

The organisers had put an emergency contact number on all the fences but neither of our phones had signal.  Fortunately some other riders who weren’t far behind us did, and they called for help.  She really wanted me to go and catch her horse that had started grazing about 100m away but I couldn’t because you couldn’t see her on the floor from the other side of the jump and there more people coming.

Again some other riders stopped shortly after and stayed with my friend while I caught her horse and then the organisers ambulance arrived with the fun rider manager. They assessed her before calling 999.

To cut a long story short she went off in the ambulance and I drove the two horses home.  When she left the ride the ambulance said then were concerned she broken ribs, punctured a lung and broken both bones in her leg.

The horse has one minor scratch but otherwise seems ok. She’s used to being out 24/7 so we thoroughly checked her over, hosed her legs, gave her a hot-cloth bath and turned her out.

I’m still shocked. I’m grateful that we were both wearing body protectors and hard hats, otherwise it would have been so much worse.