Sooooo…today we were brave.

After the 70-80cm at Solihull on Tuesday, I decided to take her to Onley and re-do the 75cm we did a few months ago. And if she was feeling as confident as she did on Tues, try the 85cm.

I was really pleased with the 75cm, she felt responsive we got (mainly) good lines to the fences with balanced corners. (Rider errors at fences 7-8 and 8-9 were awful and I missed out 10 completely! I’ve got some practicing to do!

On the video, I’m also sat up more than I normally do which I’m chuffed with because I have been working on that.

As she was jumping so well, I decided to try the 85cm.  As they started putting the fences up, I was thinking of chickening out.  I didn’t want to cause us a problem after she’d jumped so well, I thought I might overface her and that my nerves would transmit to her.

Shouldn’t have worried…..she was awesome.  Yes we had some fences down (she got too close to number 1, 4 and the first part of the double), she had a naughty nap to the gate and her friend on fence 6  and I do a 90 degree turn to fence number 9 BUT she was enthusiastic, seemed to enjoy it and tried her heart out.  Gotta love this ponio!!!