This month got off to a flying start with a good show jumping round at Onley.  We just had the one refusal and once she’d had a moment to look at it, she flew it.

The video shows much we need to work on corners and balance in between the fences.  She doesn’t “wang” round corners when we’re doing flatwork and I know how to ride corners but it seems all that went out my head once we were in the ring!  Still, I am really chuffed with her and feel like we’ve come a long way since December!

We’ve kept up with the hacking and Abbey’s taken everything we’ve met in her stride.  She’s naturally confident and curious so when she does spook she only needs a moment to think, a little encouragement and then she is well up for investigating the strange object.

Over the winter when the weather was awful and we were confined to the small indoor we’ve got I did a little groundwork. Nothing wildly exciting, just getting her used to the pressure halter, backing up, moving her quarters etc etc  I used it a lot with my old horse especially when it came to his loading issues and general fear of the world and I though Abbey could do with the extra string in her bow.  It wouldn’t hurt and might come in useful some day.  Anyway,our lovely YO put out a tractor tyre and filled it with sand for some of us to play with……Abbey got the hang of it pretty quick and even though I shouldn’t have, I did hop on!