After such a busy couple of months I’m having a holiday.  It was a slightly and extended for Abbey though….it was my fault and I feel very guilty.

Farrier came out and did the usual trim.Abbey is barefoot and has coped so well so far that I’m reluctant to put shoes on her. I didn’t think twice and carried on as usual schooling, hacking, interval training etc and then she came in very footy, particularly on the right.

There was no heat, no swelling or anything visible on her legs and she didn’t react to the soles of her feet being squeezed. Then I noticed how short her feet were.  The physio was coming out anyway so I kept the appointment.  She couldn’t find anything and it seemed to be getting little better so I decided to give her some time off – a fortnight before my hols and the fortnight I was away.  When I came back she was back to her usual bouncy happy self and we’ve started work tentatively.  I will see how she goes.

I’ve started looking for a barefoot specialist – I’m concerned that Abbey is getting a pre-shoeing trim rather than a barefoot maintenance one.  It’s so frustrating that there’s not a single association.  A friend found this website and I’m going to give them a bell to see if they can recommend someone.