After a winter that seems to have lasted forever, we’re starting to get out and about (with friends).

We boxed up and went for our first off-road hack with some friends and Abbey handled it like a pro.  It was her first venture into water and while she needed a lead at first, within 10mins we were trotting and cantering through it on our own.

We’ve been practising the yard gate and it paid off when those on the big horses couldn’t reach.  Patience isn’t her strongest attribute but she did stand still for long enough to let the others through!

To get her fitness up for all the adventures we’ve been doing some interval training in the fields at home and she’s really starting to get the message that fields are for working in, not for looking for horse-eating dragons!


Abbey did her first fun ride this month too. It was loads fun but she is getting clingy to Mary (the bay in the top photo).  On one hand it was great and gave her a strong lead over some of the xc fences and through the water but at other times it was really annoying.  It doesn’t help that they are in neighbouring paddocks so I might see if we can move paddocks for a while.



With all the work, she’s starting to loose weight. It’s a bit of a relief as the grass is coming through now!