20141206_103407When it finally arrived I was unbelievably excited. My aunt was driving the box down and Abbey’s owner following in her car.

They made good time and I wasn’t as ready as I hoped I’d be when they arrived just before lunch.  It did give me a perfect excuse to spend the whole afternoon with the new arrival.

Abbey came off the box cool and calm and settled really quickly in her new stable.  While Abbey munched on a haynet I showed the owner around the yard and she handed over her passport and belongings.  It was really weird when they left.

As Abbey had settled so quickly (and it was such a nice day) I turned her out for a couple of hours.  I don’t think Abbey had seen so much grass – she got her head down immediately and barely looked up the 2 hours she was out.

Ridiculous as it sounds I didn’t want to leave the yard but I did have to go home!